Monday, July 11, 2011

Craig and Missy came home June 29 thru July 2, 2011 and to Michael and Vinnie's reception in Wichita. A major highlight, besides seeing Craig, Missy and Maddie was to see our beautiful baby granddaughter Lauren Kimberly (after our Kimmi) at nearly 4 months old.

While holding little Lauren, she held my finger in her hand, which brought instant tears for me. It was so sweet and so special, but quite painful at the same time. You see, the last time Kimmi was still able to hear us as we talked to her while she lay dying, she would hold my finger in her hand. I'd ask her to squeeze my finger to let me know she could hear me. That was the last conscious thing she ever did with us.

I swore I'd never let anyone hold my finger like that again because it hurt so much and it was our "Special Goodbye".

But, little Lauren, in all her innocence, had ever right to hold my finger. It was like a "gift from God" to remind me of Kimmi and to know that life does go on, and as God takes one life from us, He blesses us with a new life more precious than ever.

Finally, at the reception, I picked Lauren to dance with her grandpa. As we danced, she had her hand on my shoulder just like a grown up. Then, she laid her head on my shoulder to snuggle with me. Again, it so reminded me of Kimmi, and it was such a precious Gift from God to be allowed to dance with the most beautiful baby girl in the world (I might be a bit prejudiced)!

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