Sunday, May 31, 2009


Whenever someone would ride in Kimmi's car, they'd be scared to death because Kimmi would be all over the road (she couldn't see the road very well). As we hung on for dear life crying, "Look out" or "watch it" or something else, Kimmi would say, "Oh, stop it". Also when we'd worry over her too much (I was extremely overprotective with her), we'd hear, "Oh, Stop it" with her cute little smile.

I can just hear Kimmi today and tomorrow, "Oh, Stop it." Today was our anniversary, but it's really hard to celebrate it with Kimmi's birthday tomorrow. Yesterday, we had a great time with Craig, Missy and Maddie in Des Moines, but I cried almost all the way home. Today was a good day (took Paul and Shawna out to eat for Kimmi's birthday celebration). Also talked to Rob and Jen on the phone. We had a really good time with no tears. But, I was close several times (I'm crying now!). Went to Kimmi's favorite restaurant. Talked about Kimmi and what we're all doing now (I got the doggie box - Kimmi always brought me a doggie box, even if it was just one piece of meat). Tomorrow, we go to her grave site, have a guy come by to show us head stones, and just try to get through the day. "Oh, Stop it."

It's been 3 months now, but sometimes the pain makes it feel like 10 years of suffering. We are getting on with our lives, and I am writing less and less blogs (as it should be), but not 10 minutes ever goes by that something doesn't remind me of her. Every time I see a tiny girl in church or with her daddy, I miss Kimmi. Every time I see a teen or pre-teen doing something, I think of Kimmi. Every time I see a young person in the Obituaries or hear of some young person sick and dying, I think of Kimmi. And, every time I see a young woman: Kimmi, Kimmi, Kimmi. "Oh, Stop it."

Baby Girl, we sure missed you today. Wanted so bad to take you out to eat, hear your voice and see your precious face. Need to hold you one more time! But, we are getting on. When mom is ready, we will go through your stuff and get rid of much of it. But, we are also keeping many of you things, as if you were still in the house with us. Your room will stay the same. Your toothbrush, watch, bracelet, and bathroom stuff stays there. We will keep some of your favorite clothes (and shoes) in your closet, and your coat in the closet. And, we will keep much of your furniture to use in the basement. You will NEVER leave us, in our hearts or in our house physically!

Miss you so much and LOVE you more and more every day!



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  1. Ohhh so many times I have heard that phrase.. Especially in the car.. I would say "maybe I should drive" and with her partially squinted eyes, under her sunglasses and her hat visor at 9pm .. She would look at me and say OHHH stop it.. LOL I miss it :( I sent her a quote on myspace a long time ago.. And it said "Best friends mean riding in my car no matter how many times I almost kill you. (((((((Good blog BOB)))))