Sunday, May 3, 2009

Remembering The Good Days

I will never forget one of the most special days of my life. I was standing in my wife's delivery room, next to the doctor. All of a sudden, this most precious "gift from God" appeared. She had a bald head and big ears, but she was the most beautiful little girl I've ever seen. The doctor let me help deliver her (couldn't do that with the boys). I was so happy to have a little girl, especially since I fell in love with 2 other little girls from the past (Evey's baby cousin Kim, and our friends' baby girl Micki).
I love my boys  as much as I can love anyone, but that little baby girl was so special to me. She changed everything I did, how I acted, even how I thought. Instead of roughhousing with the boys, playing ball, coaching ball, or doing toughguy things, I found myself playing "Chutes and Ladders", having tea parties, playing with dolls (action figures to Craig) and doing little girl things. I will never forget the "dress up" dates we used to go on, even if it was only going to McDonalds or a quick shop. It was a very special day with a very special little girl. Unfortunately, we didn't do many of them because Kimmi was too sick most of the time, or so many other things came up. But, it was a very special date with the most precious little girl in the world, and nothing was more special to me.
Kimmi and I used to go to the Candy Store once a week, usually on a Friday or Saturday evening. I'd start out buying her some small piece of candy or candy bar, but she could never make up her mind. Most of the time, she'd take over an hour trying to decide, and eventually talk me into getting her 2 or 3 different candies. It was her special treat of the week, and our special time together; just the 2 of us.
Then, of course, there were so many times that Kimmi had some kind of money making project, and needed help making up flyers or building something. We'd take hikes at some park (Fontennelle or Aksarben), but I'd end up carrying her almost the entire time because she'd get so tired so easily. Sitting on her daddy's shoulders and seeing nature at it best was always special. I remember when we'd have a big snow, and there was this huge snow mound north of our house. After the boys got "too old", It was just me and Kimmi. We'd dig tunnels through the snow (I always worried about a cave-in crushing her, but it never happened). Then, there was sledding. She'd slide down the hill while I ran down after her. Then I had to tow her back up. Sometimes we'd ride down together, or she'd go down with a friend. But, she always had her daddy to tow her back up. No matter how tired I was, we always made it. Sometimes, I think she preferred the ride back up over the slide down.
As Kimmi got older, it was more thing with her mother (shopping or girl things) or her friends, but we still had times together. There was helping her buy her cars, fixing things on her cars after one of her male friends tried to fix it, helping with projects around the house, and even wasting hours in the jewelry or makeup stores. 
Just sitting around the house doing nothing was special because I always worried about Kimmi when she was away, especially if I didn't know where she was. It's been 2 months since she passed away, but I still haven't sat in her rocking chair. Her mom usually has dibbs on it, but I just can't seem to sit there because it's her chair. There were many more special times, and I will write them later.

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